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What good are ideas, thoughts, analyzations, opinions, emotions, lessons, and experiences if locked in one's head. They're as useless as a roll of film that will never be developed or photographs that are trapped inside a hard drive never to be exposed to the world. A stranger once told me, "We are not human beings here for a spiritual experience, we are spritual beings here for the human experience." Why not share and express what we're learning, living, feeling, and seeing?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

History brought to life

Yesterday I went to Corregidor Island, a whole island that memorializes WWII Filipino and American soldiers who fought against the invasion of the Japanese during World War II. Old canons that were used during the war were scattered throughout the island. What remained of soldier barracks, buildings, and offices are now skeletons that somewhat reminded me of Rome's Collesium. What is left of those structures tell a story on it's own. Walls with no roofs and metal doors with bullet holes, physically illustrate the stories the Filipino Veteranos have told me. Walking through the Malinta tunnel and all the other tunnels scattered around the island, gave me an eerie feeling. I imagined the soldiers who fought for their lives, and the 2,000 Japanese soldiers that commited suicide on that island. And not too far away was Bataan- where Filipino and American soldier marched dowing the Death March. History was brought to life...


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