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What good are ideas, thoughts, analyzations, opinions, emotions, lessons, and experiences if locked in one's head. They're as useless as a roll of film that will never be developed or photographs that are trapped inside a hard drive never to be exposed to the world. A stranger once told me, "We are not human beings here for a spiritual experience, we are spritual beings here for the human experience." Why not share and express what we're learning, living, feeling, and seeing?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

An overload of overwhelment of feelings makes me numb

So in less than 24hours I will be on a plane to the Motherland.

People have been asking me if I'm excited. I can't say just yet if I am. "Are you scared?" I can't say just yet if I am. I can't really explain how I feel. I guess it really hasn't hit me. Until I'm leaving my house and hugging my Nanay, Mom, Dad, and my friends will it really hit me.

And I don't really know what to expect. I've been getting the constant "Be careful's" and "Be safe." The fact that everyone has been giving me warnings instead of words of encouragement, I can't help but have their attitude rub off on me. But I'm not letting it take over me. I'm excited, it's just that there has been so much going on that I havn't had the chance to really absorb the fact that I'm about to embark on an adventure. In between moving out of my apartment, turning in my portfolio, paying bills, buying more camera equipment, applying for graduation, and tying up other loose ends, I havn't had the chance to mentally prepare myself for this trip...


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